My little list of rules & regulations (just kidding).

But a few suggestions to help you on your quest.

How do I arrange a meeting with you?

Until you’ve booked and I’ve accepted by return, my availability remains open for any other meeting requests by anyone else. And so that we can just relax and enjoy our time together, I ask that you present my fee at the beginning of the meeting.

Are your rates negotiable?

Real quality comes at a price – and is worth every extra penny. I have no interest at all in “competing” with the £100/hr market and am not a sexual conveyor belt. So in short: no. I’m worth saving up for though x

Do you see women?

Oh absolutely!!! I love to see the ladies mrrr 🙂

We are a couple -will you see us both?

I’m bi-sexual and I love to play with both men and women so big YES! I would love to see you both!


I fully understand that “life happens” and sometimes when we arrange a meeting far in advance, we don’t always know what will come up. However, I do not take kindly to last minute cancellations.
I would never cancel a meeting unless something really major came up – and once we have a date confirmed, I expect the same commitment & courtesy from you. If you have to cancel a first meeting with late notice, chances are great that I will not agree to meet you again (as you then appear to be a time waster). And please do not think that the worse you make your excuse sound, the more believable it becomes.

Telephone Etiquette

I only take phone calls for one initial conversation before our first meeting. Unfortunately I simply do not have time for many or long phone conversations. Please email your mobile phone number to me and I will reciprocate with mine. I will only answer calls from a known phone number (that I have already programmed into my phone).

Do you offer Dinner Dates?

Yes I love dining out! It’s also the perfect opportunity to break the ice (and over dinner you can start to imagine & anticipate what’s to come…). Dinner is at a restaurant of your choice or I can recommend something local to me. I will also assume that you’re treating me – as your treat from me will come later 😉 xx

Overnights & meetings longer than 4 hours

An overnight is 12 hours and only on an outcall basis. Meetings longer than 4 hours are also only on an outcall basis. My ideal overnight would be to start off with dinner and a glass of wine, relaxing together and enjoying the anticipation of what’s to come…..Then back for “dessert” at yours or your hotel – long and lingering until we fall asleep relaxed and totally satisfied. Perhaps with a little “midnight snack” in between but I do like my beauty sleep too 😉 Wake me up with gentle touch and kisses and we can work up an appetite for breakfast! How does that sound?

Role Play & Dressing Up?

I love to give Tantric Girlfriend Experience only. No uniforms, trashy outfits, role play or anything that hurts (causes or inflicts pain). I’m sensual and gentle with a good dash of sexy, raunchy minx throw in. But I am not an actor or a porn star, so please don’t expect the ooh ahh fake moaning “yeah baby” thing.
However I do have a vast array of sexy lingerie, suspenders & stockings and would be more than happy to dress to impress. If we meet outside on a dinner date, I’ll always be dressed discreetly. But you’ll know what lies beneath 😉

Do you smoke? Can I smoke?

I do not smoke and ask that you do not smoke within my home.